Vacuum Chamber to store oil paint
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Vacuum Chamber to store oil paint

Vacuum Chamber to store oil paint

Vacuum chamber

Vacuum Chamber

How to prevent oil paint from drying out is an age old discussion.  There are options:


  1.  Cover the paint with water.
  2. Place the paint in the freezer.
  3. Add clove oil to the palette and cover with a lid.  
  4. The last 4 years I have used a Vacuum Chamber and pump.  This works really well, it is simple and keeps the paint healthy for about a month or longer. Air is sucked out where the paint is stored in the chamber, which keeps the paint from oxidizing or drying out.  After about a month the paint will start to dry slowly and can get grainy.  A Vacuum Chamber and pump can be purchased on Amazon for about $150.  I have found the paint saved has made up for the cost of the pump.  I use a stainless frying pan with the handle taken off this holds a 10 inch plate with my left over paint, then place the vacuum lid on top and flick the switch to start the pump.  When the pressure gauge shows the air is out I close the valve and turn off the pump.


Virtual Art Academy has a great blog on popular ways to save oil paint from drying.

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