Spring Plein Air Painting
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Spring Plein Air Painting

Spring Plein Air Painting

Time to pull out my Strata easel and tripod, check my painting bag for all necessary supplies.  I find the fewer choices in colours available the better.  The oil paints I use for plein air painting are cad yellow light, permanent red, ultramarine blue and titanium white this has done me well for quite a few years.  It is light to pack and once I mix my secondary colours I am good to go.  I have been packing a new paint lately Ivory black.

  • Using the colour black I have stayed away from, preferring to mix my own using complimentary colours.  After listening to a podcast by Gabor Svagrik on Concept to Canvas, I decided to try mixing black with yellow and liked the colour created.  Mixing cad yellow and ivory black creates a beautiful dark warm green, where mixing cad yellow and ultramarine blue creates a cool green.  I can add in red to warm it up but when painting outdoors it is another step I can avoid by using ivory black.

I may be adding a cool blue and red but have not decided which ones yet.  I am finding the choice of using a warm blue and red limiting at times.

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